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The Schellens Collection

San Mateo County

San Francisco County

Add’l California Counties

Richard Schellens was a Redwood City historian that compiled information from the local newspapers dating back to the 1860’s.

Mortuary Books

Layng & Tinney Funeral Home


James Crow – Coroner

Funeral Records 1.JPG



      Hardbound:  1867 - 1952

      Microfilm: 1861 - 1979

      Digitized: Times-Gazette 1867 -- 1899


Redwood City Directories

1907 -- 1965 and 1979

RWC directories.JPG

Sanborn Maps

1919 Edition with 1959 Revisions

Redwood City Maps

1860s -- 1950s

Sanborn Map 1.JPG

Over 6200 photographs


Voter Registration Logs

1920s -- 1940s

The Morrish Collection

A collection of documents from Japanese American citizens to Morrish, a banker, during World War II

Voter Registration 2.JPG

Tax Assessment Roles

Union Cemetery

James Crow Index of Burials

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